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Lookah Seahorse Plus

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Introducing the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus, a top-tier nectar collector that delivers exceptional performance without straining your wallet. Beneath its sleek exterior lies a robust 650 milliampere (mAh) battery, ensuring enduring usage. Charging is a breeze with the included USB Type-C cable, compatible with standard smartphone brick chargers, promising minimal downtime as the battery replenishes within a few hours.

When it's time to unleash the magic, the battery powers Lookah's exclusive 510-threaded Seahorse coil. Notably, the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus accommodates a range of coils, including Seahorse Coil I, Seahorse Coil II, Seahorse Coil III, and Seahorse Coil IV. This versatility empowers users to fine-tune their vaping experience and tailor the famed vapor production to their preferences.

Enhancing the equation are preset voltage settings spanning from 3.2 volts (V) to 4.1V, offering a level of voltage that may be considered lofty for novices but is cherished by seasoned enthusiasts seeking intense sensations from their cherished wax concentrates.

For those yearning for a dab rig-like adventure, the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus effortlessly connects to a water pipe, introducing the joys of water filtration and moisture conditioning to your daily sessions.

Moreover, individuals seeking quick, on-the-go sessions can employ the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus with a 510-threaded oil cartridge, compatible with both pre-filled and refillable options. This means you can savor popular commercial blends or indulge in your custom concoctions.

Don't miss the opportunity to acquire the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus today! Elevate your vaping experience to new heights.